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Where to look for news / updates!


Going forward, announcements for server updates and news will be split and sometimes shared between discord, the website, and trello.

Development Trello Only
• Minor game updates will be added only to the dev trello.
• Development notes and progress tracking will only be added to the dev trello.

Discord Only
• Weekly events and smaller pieces of news will only be posted in the announcements section of discord.
• Announcements for polls will only be posted in the discord announcements channel.
• News about minor game updates from the dev trello will be posted in the discord announcements channel.

Development Trello, Discord, and Website
• Major game changes such as large content updates will be announced on the main news section of the website, the announcements section on discord, and in the dev trello.

Accessing these resources:
The development trello can be access via the following link: Collapser Development Trello
The discord server can be accessed by clicking the following link: Collapser Discord Invite
A listing of all major news on the website can be found here: Collapser News Archive